SNS Healthy Natural Nails


24 January 2017

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SNS Healthy Natural Nails

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SNS is the world leader in dipping powders, and was the rst to create a pink & white dipping system.

SNS dipping powders not only produce exceptional beauty, they also result in healthy nails, unlike gel or acrylic. The product is unique in multiple ways:

Maintains Healthy, Strong Nails

• Lasts 14 Days
• Provides a Mirror Finish
• Resistant to Chipping & Cracking • Contains Vitamin E & Calcium
• Odor-Free Application
• Requires Zero Drying Time
• Blocks Harmful UV Rays

SNS nails are thinner, lighter, easier to do and most importantly, help your clients’ nails grow stronger and healthier.

Gelous Color is the one and only product that is able to create the natural look of a French color tip with a choice of over 400 colors.

Your clients will love the SNS difference, and you’ll love the bene ts that this high-end product brings to your business.

• Grow Pro ts and Client Base • Build Customer Loyalty
• Eliminate Chemical Odors

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